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A very special project developed in the incredible air of the Rocky Mountains at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada (see photo: Banff Centre for the Arts.jpg).

     1) White Edge 
          by C. Jennings
     2) To Begin With 
          by C. Jennings
     3) Reminder of a Dream 
          by C. Jennings 
Recorded live and in studio 
at the Banff Centre for the 
Arts by the Banff Centre 
Audio Associates.ChrisJenningsSoloDoubleBass_files/3%20song%20solo%20bass%20medley.m4a

Chris Jennings’ Solo Double Bass Project takes a departure from his own already existing ensembles. This unique project is a growing collection of all his musical influences and situations thus far. The repertoire, containing all original music and improvisation, with the some interpretations of favorite standards.

This includes Jazz, Persian, Indian, Scandinavian, Turkish and Algerian traditional music, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Brazilian, and more. The result is truly original sounding, and presents a merging of cultures. After performing successful debut concerts in Toronto Canada in 2001, this project has been continually nurtured by his other musical projects and influences in Europe and Canada.


LIVE VIDEO: Banff Centre for the Arts Feb. 10, 2010



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