3 Audio Tracks:

Recorded live May 23, 2009

Gaga Jazz (St. Chamond, France)

Recorded and mixed by Oliviers Biffaud.

All photos by Niko Rodamel

2 Videos:

Recorded live May 23, 2009

Gaga Jazz (St. Chamond, FR) Recorded by Alain Paroche,

and mixed by Oliviers Biffaud.

“Push” (by Chris Jennings)

Live video “Gaga Jazz”

St. Chamond, France

May 23, 2009

“How Deep is the Ocean”

Live Video “Gaga Jazz”

St. Chamond, France

May 23, 2009


     (double bass) 

Pierre Perchaud

(acoustic guitar)

Leon Parker


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Formed in 2008, the CHRIS JENNINGS TRIO is a North American-European collaboration of extremely different musical backgrounds. Acoustic guitarist Pierre Perchaud (known with French groups Charlier-Sourisse and the National Jazz Orchestra) double bassist Chris Jennings (Bassist with Nguyen Lê, the Dhafer Youssef Quartet…) and drummer Leon Parker (drummer with Jackey Terrasson, Giovanni Mirabassi…) redefine the role of the “Jazz Guitar Trio.”

With influences spanning as far as Scandinavian to Persian folk music, Pop, African music and jazz standards, the trio takes an extremely acoustic atmosphere. Pierre Perchaud’s unprecedented sound through classical guitar technique and impressive improvising, Leon Parkers revolutionary minimalist drum set and African percussion influences, and the signature composing and distinctive bass playing of Chris Jennings, results in a truly revolutionary trio, attracting diverse audiences by taking them on an intense and rich musical journey through many different worlds.     

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